Wednesday, February 17, 2010

He Gives Freely

I can't begin to express all that God has been doing in my heart lately. Some of these things appear great from every angle... others, challenging... others, scary... etc. I do know that He has perfect plans and I intend to be obedient to Him so that I stay within those plans. I would really appreciate your prayers in this regard. God gave my job to me without me even asking for one. It has been far from perfect, but God used it to give me much experience. He also opened doors of opportunity to talk about Him. God has now taken this job from me without me asking. Actually, maybe I did ask. I had been praying that He would give me wisdom and guidance considering my work situation. He closed the door there, so He must have a better plan. I do not say this because I am just "that strong"... truly, I battle all the normal thoughts that anyone else would battle in such situations, but He has given abundant grace and peace within this whole situation. He provided the opportunity to talk with my boss about Him for about 20 minutes. It really was a great closure. He is all knowing and all wise. I come before Him with open arms saying the same words as Thomas, Lord, I don't know the way!

I find great encouragement in Psalm 86:11-12.
Teach me Your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth; unite my heart to fear Your name. I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, and will glorify Your name forever.

I desperately need to be fully depending on Him during this time. At the same time, I need to be doing the "walking". Please pray that He would truly teach me to fear Him. I know that I don't (and probably will never) see Him as I ought to. I really want to have the reverence for Him that I ought to have. I want to love Him with all that is in me. I want Him to just take everything that is hindering His work... and throw it down and transform it. The builder of all things is God! Thank You for Your indescribable gift!

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Sarah F said...

Thanks again for praying for my Trip to Ethiopia! I will be praying that God will guide your life right now, and give you clarity on what you are supposed to do.

Your sister in Christ,