Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joy in the Small Things

I have been struggling a bit with my involvement in church ministry. It is so easy to be so involved in ministry that I miss out on the fellowship which is so vital to the Christian life. Several weeks back, the Lord blessed with a week off right when I needed it most. God continually amazes me with how He knows exactly what I need when I need it. He never fails to come through... not even once! I have felt that personal ministry opportunities have been lacking in my schedule and really didn't know exactly what to do about it. I am a firm believer that all of life is ministry; however, some situations lend themselves better than others for personal ministry. God can and does use even the smallest of actions for His glory, but it is a blessing when He enables us to focus on personal ministry. We had the Bible study at the park again tonight and my part of the personal ministry ended up being playing with a young father's boys for an hour while he talked with one of our elders. We prayed in the car on the way to the Bible study that God would bring someone who knew the Lord but needed to turn back to Him. God did exactly that! It was so neat to see the body of Christ work together:

It started with God bringing this young father and his sons to the park.

Next, God gave the boldness to one of the ladies at church to go up to him and tell him that she and her husband would be willing to play with the kids if he wanted to join the Bible study.

Next, God gave the courage for him to come and join us.

When everyone had to leave, God graciously chose to use me to play with the kids so that God could speak through one of men at church to this young father.

That right there is the body of Christ at work. He did all the work, but graciously chose to use us as willing vessels. Each of us had different parts with different difficulties. I clearly had the easiest part, but an essential part all the same. It is such a joy to be used by Him. I really see this as filling that hole in my heart for personal ministry opportunities. No doubt, the Lord will grant opportunities to talk with people, but if God wants to use me to play with kids so that He can speak through someone else, I am all in!

The message was about self-righteousness this morning. Pastor Tim talked about the desire that we have to "sit in the important seat". In this case, the "important seat" was ministering to this young father. I have no doubt that God used the sermon from this morning to prepare my heart to minister how He wanted me to tonight. I am so thankful for how He speaks through His Word.

God, You are so good and so faithful. Give me a tender heart for Your ways. Thank You for teaching me through Your Word and preparing me to not only serve, but to truly love it. God, it was such a small thing that You chose for me to do; yet, You gave such joy in doing it because it was for You. I ask that You would continue that work of grace in my heart. Humble me where I need to be humbled. Show me the areas in which I have neglecting serving You and give me the boldness to do it regardless of it is big or small. You are so good and faithful. Teach me Your ways, I will walk in Your truth; unite my heart to fear Your name.

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