Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Projects here, there, and everywhere

For those of you that were wondering, it looks like I'll be paying that ticket very soon. God is in control... and I did deserve it. Church went really well on Sunday. I got to play "Knowing You" on the piano... which I love to do! I got to teach children's church as well. We talked about the power of the Holy Spirit with the miracles of the apostles. It was really neat to see the kids understand the concept of being able to do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). :) I have been challenged by Judges. It just seems weird that God would bless Samson in the way that He did. First, God gave him the power to break the ropes... then He gave Samson the power to go out and kill a thousand Philistines with a jaw bone... then he is thirsty, you would think that God would not honor that... but no, He does another miracle to give water to Samson! It really challenges my view of God in a healthy way. You may think that it is unhealthy, but this is the truth of God's Word... I don't see how it could be unhealthy. I want to know God for who He is, not for who I imagine Him to be. :) I have a ton of projects right now. The main thing right now is a presentation on Thursday, and a lot of preparing to do for that. God was gracious in helping me pump out a ten page paper in about 1.5 hrs last night. He has been blessing in so many ways!

1) He blessed me with at least an extra $2,000 for this quarter. I honestly don't know how I would have been able to pay that school bill... now it is a lot more doable!
2) Sign language was finally approved after many months of trying to get the school to accept it for my language requirement.
3) We have some new people moving here this weekend... who are coming to help out at church until God leads them to start their own church.
4) My uncle's health has greatly improved. Keep praying for his salvation and release from the hospital.

I honestly don't know why He is blessing me like this... I definitely don't deserve it in any way. I pray that these blessings would push me on toward obedience to His ways more than ever.

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