Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's crunch time!

Time is feeling extremely short when it comes to finals and project deadlines. I interviewed a financial counselor at school today for a systems analysis group project today. I was actually surprised at how fun it was. She was very helpful, and I think I got all the information that I need. After I told her that we really aren't planning on implementing changes, but rather simulating what we would do if we were planning on it, she said something like, "If you want a job doing this stuff after you graduate, come back!" haha I know that she isn't the one that hires, but I appreciated the comment all the same. I am looking forward to being done with finals, but I have so much to do before then that I really don't want finals to come as soon as they are. Oh well. I read in Judges 14 today where Samson likes this girl, and goes way beyond what he should to have a relationship with her (even outside his parents will). It is such a mess! It's a great reminder to me that parents are such an important part of the authority in my life. God has placed them there, and my job is to obey completely... and immediately. Yes, I am assuming they are within the bounds of scripture, but that is a pretty good assumption. ;) I love the fact that I can talk straight with my parents and they openly give me their honest opinions of things. They are such a blessing.

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Melanie H. said...

Greetings Daniel,

I have been grazing your blog and am really encouraged by what I've read. May I link to your blog?

Fellow Rebelutionary,
Melanie H.