Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pleading Guilty

I had a unique, but unpleasant experience yesterday. Being in the court on the non-jury duty side of things. We were told that there was a possibility of having the fine on my photo enforced ticket decreased, so I thought it would be worth going to the court. It wasn't a matter of being guilty or not--I am guilty, but $416 is a little bit steep for not seeing the light change in time. Regardless of the circumstance, I did run the red light. It was very much unpleasant to stand there before the judge as he read of what I had done. Then he asks me if I am going to plead guilty or not guilty. Of course I had to plead guilty. He was a very nice judge, but he wasn't willing to reduce the fine. Oh well. God will use this as a good/painful reminder to me to be more careful. It also reminds me that one day we will stand before God and give an account of every action we take, every word we speak, and every thought we think. If I could bring one thing to heaven, maybe it would be a portable sound system with a recording of me saying "guilty" over and over again. haha But seriously, this also serves as a reminder to me that I need to be more careful in all aspects of my life. I will be standing before Him someday. Standing before Him is infinitely more serious than standing before a judge. He is the one and only true Judge. He can judge completely because He hasn't sinned. I wish that this would be kept on the forefront of my mind anytime I am tempted to sin. Sin is far more serious than I make it out to be, and I am ready to be done with it. It really brings out what it means for Christ to stand and declare us not guilty. What a glorious day when sin will be no more! Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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Laura Ansley said...

Good/painful reminders to be more careful are so painful. God was really good to me last time I had one of those. Left my retainer case at home when we went to a party, so I put my retainers in my pocket, forgot about them, and broke one. !!! They cost a good chunk to replace, but the insurance is supposed to cover most of it this time.

I was thinking about how completely horrid and fickle I can be earlier, and wow. Things like that make you really look forward to heaven!!!