Thursday, January 01, 2009

Resolutions for 2009

New Years resolutions have good aspects and bad aspects. They can be bad in that you feel horrible if/when you don't stick with them. In that I know that I will fail in some of these things, I am not so much focused on keeping them entirely, but rather sticking with it when I do fail at these things. Last year, I kept my resolutions completely to myself. I actually stuck to them for the most part, but this year, I decided to share them because it will help keep me accountable to sticking to them. In that the body of Christ is made to work together, I would request your help and encouragement in doing these things to the best of my ability for His glory.

  • Pick a verse to meditate on and/or memorize for the day.
  • Spend at least some time in the Word daily… preferably over 15 minutes.
  • Make prayer lists and pray for them daily.
  • Put time with Him before anything else.

  • Study and take the GRE.
  • Get Microsoft certified.
  • Apply and hopefully start graduate school.
  • Learn SQL more in depth.
  • Learn CSS more in depth.
  • Completely code the Hard Thing project and Awana camp project.
  • Read at least five Christian books that draw me closer to Him.

  • Stay involved in sports (basketball at church).
  • Exercise and workout at the gym a couple times per week if possible.
  • Spend more time playing with Jonathan.

  • Build stronger relationships with godly friends and spend more time with them encouraging them in the Lord.
  • Stay committed to the Lord and my future spouse within all of my relationships.
  • Not spend excessive amounts of time with anyone that has values that could dim my sense of right and wrong.

  • Figure out if my current job will be able to pay what I’ll need to support a family and if not, find a new job.
  • Do my work as for the Lord rather than for men.
  • Show myself to be a diligent worker making wise use of my time and my employer’s time.
  • Work on my some of my own projects on the side.

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Laura Ansley said...

It's better to reach for a goal than not to reach at all. =)
That's a really good list of things to work toward in the new year. I have a pretty big list, but mine aren't particularly "new years resolutions", just a list of things I am planning to work on this year.