Monday, January 12, 2009

Working for Him

Work has been going pretty well the last few days; however, I was informed on Friday (pay day) that the company didn't have enough money to pay me. As it first meets the eye, this is generally not a good thing. As I have been thinking over it the last few days, I have great peace knowing that when it all is said and done, my work is to be for Him... that pay check is a blessing, but it not the ultimate goal of working. Our work is to glorify Him, and generally, He blesses us with money to go along with that work. I know that He is completely in control and that this is for His best! I have sent out a few applications to different places over the last several months, but I sent out one to Cal Baptist University yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I actually fit all of the qualifications quite well. It would have to be a God thing for it to work out. I am excited to see what He has in store. Maybe the current company will turn around and be able to pay what I will need in order to support a family someday... maybe they won't. Regardless, I know that He will lead me... and with that, I have great peace. I am still working... even more so for Him, and we'll see what He does with it.

I have been sick the last few days. I have a nasty sore throat, but this too shall pass. :) Team handball has been tons of fun... it looks like I will have the opportunity to play in the Staple Center (where the Lakers and Clippers play) next Saturday. :) I am stoked! Olympic tryouts are on the 24th, so I'm preparing for that as well. Please pray that my focus would continually be on Him. If I am doing this for the sake of making myself great, I pray that He would not allow me to succeed in anything. I want my success and/or failure to be honoring to Him, not about me.

I read 2 Samuel 13 today. Honestly, I didn't get much out of it. It is pretty sickening the corruption that existed... even in the kings house. While not all blame can be put on parents, seeing David's sin, it doesn't surprise me that his son would sin in such a bad way. I pray that God would give us courage and strength to stand where the people before us fell... and to be godly parents to our children. It really does make a difference!

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