Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eating humble pie... without ice cream.

School went fairly well today. I am definitely a bit concerned that they haven't got the server back up since it has a lot of my project stuff on it. God is in control though. I got home and someone went out and got the mail shortly afterwards. In the mail was this thing called... a traffic violation notice. A photo enforced one actually. It was kind of cool in that it had a video online and everything... and yes, in reviewing it... I definitely did run the signal making a right turn. The photo shows me looking to my left as I was making the turn. Anyway, it is definitely humbling... and it ought to be. I was confused when reading the paper they sent me, so I started googling around, and found that it is not an official ticket, but rather a third party company that wants you to identify the driver (which is what I will probably do) so they can send it to the police and then bill the police $89 for getting your information. It also says, "Official Government Business" on the envelope, which is definitely untrue. They are a private company! After looking some more, it sounds like it may not be an official ticket, but rather a bluff to get the info they need. It is very hard to know how trust-worthy this information is... everyone wants to justify their ticket or get out of paying it. I really don't know. I'm going to talk to some people that would know better and see for sure before I do anything. Obviously, I am completely 100% guilty and deserve a ticket; however, I don't want to be stupid about it either. Lots of people online are saying that you can just ignore it if it has certain key features such as no address of the courthouse (mine fits all of these features)... again, hard to know if that is true. If you would pray for wisdom in this situation, that would be great. I know that if I need to pay it, it will serve as a healthy reminder to me... although it isn't pleasant, I am fine with that (I deserve it). I was reading in Judges 13:19-23 today. It really goes along with the "fear of the Lord" study that we are doing at church.

So Manoah took the young goat with the grain offering and offered it on the rock to the LORD, and He performed wonders while Manoah and his wife looked on. For it came about when the flame went up from the altar toward heaven, that the angel of the LORD ascended in the flame of the altar. When Manoah and his wife saw this, they fell on their faces to the ground. Now the angel of the LORD did not appear to Manoah or his wife again. Then Manoah knew that he was the angel of the LORD. So Manoah said to his wife, "We will surely die, for we have seen God." But his wife said to him, "If the LORD had desired to kill us, He would not have accepted a burnt offering and a grain offering from our hands, nor would He have shown us all these things, nor would He have let us hear things like this at this time."

This was right after the angel came to Samson's parents and told them that they would have this baby boy that would deliver Israel from the 40 years of being controlled by the Philistines because of their disobedience. Monoah (Samson's father) had an inappropriate fear of God. His wife pretty much came back with the common sense idea... which I would say is based on a big view of God. She obviously trusted the angel completely which is pretty amazing considering she had no idea who he was and had never had a child.

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