Friday, September 19, 2008

Depending on Him Revisited

I really have been meaning to post more on here. I guess it's not the end of the world. God has been working in my heart once again in the area of depending on Him. It turns out that I had three classes scheduled for the same time which was completely beyond my control. I've spent the whole last week talking back and forth with different people. One of the classes has been changed. :D God is good! I still have a few things to work out.

1) This discrete math class that I was planning on taking at UCR, I won't be able to take... so I am requesting a directed study for it at La Sierra.

2) I have talked with my advisor about a directed study for my operating systems class, but I haven't heard anything recently... and I haven't registered for it, so I need to work that out on Monday as well.

3) I still need to register for my internship units, but need special approval from someone.

If you would keep me in prayer for these things, that would be great. Tomorrow at 2pm, I go to the memorial service of the dad of a boy in my cabin at camp this summer. His dad (Mr. Souser) died in the train crash a week ago. If you would keep the Souser family in your prayers... and me as I try to be an encouragement (specifically to Zach), that would be excellent.

This last minute stuff with school is definitely less than ideal, but there is such peace knowing that if God wants me to graduate in December, He will make it happen! :) It really does help me to depend fully on Him. Lately, I've been encouraged by the Psalms. I was thinking about Psalm 91 quite a bit this last week, and it is such a blessing to be able to hide under the shelter of His wings.


Camille said...

As you know, God is working on me in that area as well. I'll continue praying for the class situation to get worked out, as well as for the memorial service tomorrow. That's such a sad story!

Every blessing,

Camille said...

Hey, my dad shared some verses today that really helped me and encouraged me to depend on God. I thought I'd pass them along.

Psalm 20:7, 65:9-13, 145:15-16; Matthew 5:11, 6:25-34; Acts 14:17, 17:28; James 1:17, 5:17-18.