Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Memorial Service

I went to the memorial service of Mr. Souser (one of the people that died in the train crash over a week ago) yesterday. Honestly, it was the best memorial service I have ever been to. God was completely glorified. There was a lot of emphasis on what he would have want said at his memorial service. He wouldn't have wanted it to be about him, but rather about God. The gospel was made clear several times during the service. It was presented with completely boldness. It was very refreshing. The music was incredible... many great hymns as well as a worship dance to "I Can Only Imagine." The message was about Christ conquering death... and Christ being our life. The greatest tragedy isn't the way men die, but rather the way they live (in many cases); however, it was Christ that lived though Mr. Souser... there was no loss. Remember the words of Paul... "to die is gain!" What a blessing it was to hear about the legacy this man left. He led his family in devotions each morning. He was committed to his family and to the Lord. If I understand it correctly, he doesn't even usually take that train, but he was going home to cook tri-tip steak for his family. Even up to his dying moments, he was putting his family first. What an awesome example. Obviously, Christ is our ultimate example, but it is a blessing to have godly men go before us and show us what it is to really live for God. I couldn't help but think through Colossians 3 as I was listening to people talk about him. For me, it was a rekindling of the fire in my heart to live completely for Him. It is soo worth it!

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