Monday, September 29, 2008

Ethics... or the lack thereof!

In that same ethics class, we talked about a couple different situations mentioned in our textbook. The main one we talked about involved the owner of a software company and salesman from an advertising company. Long story short, the owner of the software company hired a bunch of people for just that day and had people call in as fake calls to make it look like their phones were ringing off the hook. He also made a media mock-up and crossed out the advertising company that was coming to his office so that they would give him a better deal. In reality, the owner of the software company could not pay $20,000 for the advertisement that he wanted in that magazine, and didn't have the credit to support himself, so he deceived the salesman. It ended up working out and they sold like $125,000 worth of software. The question was if it was ethical or not (for both parties). Believe it or not, I was the only one that said that the guy was unethical for making his company look like it was doing really well and stuff in order to get this advertisement put on credit with no way of paying it back if his idea failed. It is a sad world out there! These business majors are all ready to graduate with the idea that things like this are perfectly okay in the business world. No wonder we have such financial crisis in the United States right now! It would be nice to have business men and women that are committed to being ethical even when it is painful. It's sad that people feel the need to resort to lying and deceiving in order to make some money. Please keep me in prayer as I have started to see a pattern of me being the only one on my end of the equation. I'm very thankful that my teacher generally shares my views. :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing for what is right, even if you are alone. Maybe your ideas will influence the others in the future. Daniel, Keep planting the seeds of righteousness.