Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fireproofing Before Marriage

Jonathan had a soccer game this morning and he scored his first goal of the season! :) It was a lot of fun to watch (and yell). He played a very good game. We went down to Cal Baptist to play some ultimate frisbee and it ended up not working out. A bunch of the guys that usually play were practicing flag football. Mom, Christina, Jonathan, and I still threw the frisbee around a bit, but we didn't really play a game.

We went and watched Fireproof for the first time this evening. Honestly, it was an amazing movie. It showed me how hard marriage can be, and showed me that there is infinite hope in Christ. I won't ruin it for those of you that haven't had the opportunity to see it, but it is a must see. It got me thinking a lot about what I am doing now to make my future marriage "fireproof". The reality is that I can never know 100% that my marriage is going to last until "death do us part." That is a really sobering fact. Even more sobering than that is that I could be the reason for it if I am not committed to Christ. While those are things that come into play after marriage, there is so much preparation before marriage. It's not like you "fall in love" and then you go get married. It involves years of training (mostly through parents). It also involves hard work... to maintain a high level of commitment to that future spouse even if you don't know who it will be. If we can't be committed as a single, there is no way we should expect to be committed as a spouse. Things don't just happen all of a sudden. It comes with much time spent with the Lord in prayer and in the Word... and being obedient to those things. There is no official "fireproof" for a marriage other than Christ. He is the ultimate source of everything that we need to make a marriage not only work, but blossom. I found the movie a great encouragement to be continually committed to His ways before I head towards a marriage relationship with that special young lady.


Anonymous said...

That was a really awesome post, its great to see people who are committed to honoring God before, and during marriage.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. What a good reminder - we're never "off the hook".