Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another full day

This morning, Pastor Tim showed me how I should be setting my blocks in basketball. :) We played two games (1-1). It was quite a bit of fun.

I am a little frustrated by the lack of opportunity to talk with people in my classes. It is hard to influence anyone without talking with them. I guess 7:50 am class isn't ideal for that (people don't exactly show up early). I guess I need to make it a more central thing in my prayer life.

This afternoon, Christina had practice for Choral Union at Calbaptist. They are singing Handel's Messiah (which I sang a couple years ago). I usually work on homework in the back as they sing, but studying for my sign language test got boring after a while, so I joined in and sang. :) Much fun! There is a intramural flag football team made up of girls from choir, and so a few of us went down to the field and watched them play their game. They played hard, but lost miserably. I can identify (my flag football team didn't win any games last year). I think they still had fun though. :)

I have a sign language test tomorrow, so I better finish up studying. If you get a chance, pray that God would open doors of opportunity for me to show Christ to others. It is difficult to break the ice of casual to serious conversation. I need wisdom.

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