Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pressing on in the Word

At church this morning, Pastor Tim concluded with a good practical application for pressing on from where we are in our walk with Christ. For me, I feel pretty satisfied with spending a few minutes in the Word, but it can be frustrating at times. He mentioned that for him, the first 10 mins or so tend to be very hard and frustrating, but the next 10 mins are much more focused and clear. For me, it is not often that I spend that much time reading the Word. I'll read for a few minutes, then go back through and study it more deeply, but it is rare that I spend 10 mins reading. So, I plan to make some changes in the amount that I read. After all, it is the most important book!

Tonight was "Go Night". Basically, we take a flier filled with gospel truths, and we are trying to get it out to every home in our city. I would say that we do about 1,000 homes every time we go out (once a month). Occasionally, we get to talk with people if they are outside doing yard work or something. I'll admit, it is definitely out of my comfort zone. It is fun going to all these houses and praying for these unknown people inside as we put fliers on their doors. I had a couple opportunities to talk with people today. The only one that I gave me time to say anything already had a church home, but it was a blessing and encouragement.

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Nicole Hearn said...

Amazing! What a good idea.