Friday, September 21, 2007

I Can't Believe that I'm Updating this!

I can't believe I am actually updating this blog. I have absolutely no desire to blog, but several people have challenged me to do so.... and looking back on my old blog posts is quite fun I must admit (even if I did them only because I had to).

I had no calculus class this morning... which I won't complain about. Calculus and physics tests this week made it long enough. :) I went out to eat with my pastor this afternoon. He is such a blessing! God used some unique circumstances to bring us into this new small church that meets at a school. I have been challenged a great deal through the preaching and teaching of Pastor Tim. When I first came to the church, my first thought was.... wow, this is what I've been looking for all my life in a church, but I really don't see opportunities to serve musically (which is what I've always enjoyed doing). Little did I know what God had in store... I am blessed with the opportunity to play guitar almost each Sunday!

Since my last post, I transferred to La Sierra University due to Calbaptist dropping their computer science degree. I really miss the Male Chorale at CBU, but I am confident that I am exactly where God wants me. This semester I am at the community college due to financial aid running out soon. I am quite excited about the opportunities that God has placed before me. Many people in need of the forgiveness found only in Christ... and I have the opportunity all semester long to be with them and hopefully share Christ with them with my words as well as my actions.

Tonight, we have Bible study at CBU. I can't tell you how much of a blessing that Bible study is! A family from our church (the Babb's) started this Bible study last year. It is exciting to see commonly minded college aged people pursing Christ, and taking action! It is another opportunity to lead worship, and I absolutely love doing that (especially when all the people can sing too). :) Well, this is probably going to be the longest blog post I will ever write, but you know... a lot of time has passed between now and the previous post.

Time for calculus homework. :)


Kristin said... actually posted :D You should more often!

Praise the Lord that he's led you to a church where you're able to help with worship. I do the same at my church (although I play keyboard) and it's a thrilling experience :)

Have fun with calc! I'm glad I'll never have to do it!

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