Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well, this morning I had an orthodontist appointment (just the normal checkup). When I got there, they decided that it was time for me to get braces once again. So, I now have braces. As not fun as it is, I can already see a lot of change in the 12 hrs of me having them (which is rather cool, and a bit painful). Long story made short, I had braces for about 10 years, then got a retainer to wear at night that was supposed to move my lower jaw forward. My jaw started popping and getting stuck, so I had to discontinue wearing that which lead to my teeth becoming crooked again. They are recommending a jaw surgery which would mean they cut my jaw where my wisdom teeth would be (yeah, I still need to get all 4 taken out at some point), and then add a titanium extension to my jaw on each side. I am thinking right now that if my teeth are straight, I can live with the overbite, but we'll see what happens.

We had Bible study again tonight. I went a little bit early to play tennis with a guy in the Bible study who is also on the tennis team. Worship was quite enjoyable. We talked about temptation and hardship faced in walking with Christ. I'll have to share more tomorrow when I am not so exhausted.

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Kristin said...

Braces for 10 And I thought my 1 year was bad :D I'll be praying that you'll adjust to having them once more and that your jaw problems will be solved.