Monday, April 14, 2008

8 weeks until summer!

This quarter has been good so far. Today was probably the longest day that I've had so far, but God was good. I have been doing some research (on my own) about water powered cars. Technically, it is hydrogen powered, but I call it water powered because it wouldn't require the storing of hydrogen in the tank. It would do the electrolysis only when needed. I still don't have quite enough understanding to know if it will work, but it looks like it has good potential. I thought of a method that might speed up the electrolysis process (separation of the water into hydrogen and oxygen). A previous graduate of La Sierra called our school regarding their relative who lives down here having some computer issues. My instructor passed on the information to me, so it looks like I have a job fixing his computer. Turns out that his wife just passed away very unexpectedly, so I spent nearly two hours on the phone with him while working on his computer remotely. It still needs a lot of work. I actually had him order a hard drive online so that we could start over from scratch. I know that it is a "job", but it is definitely an opportunity to share the love of Christ in this difficult time that he is going through. If you could keep me in prayer, that would be great. 2 Peter 2 was a very sobering passage to read. It really describes the heart that is full of wickedness... and there are definitely things there that I see in myself. I don't know why I tend to look at passages like this and think that it is talking about "wicked" people. The reality is that I am full of sin just like they are... and it is only by God's grace that I am what I am. He is the only source of any good that is in me.

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Laura said...

Hehe, you talking about hydrogen powered cars made me think of my brother. =P It's pretty cool stuff.

I'll pray for you and that man.

Ps. 91:1