Thursday, April 03, 2008


I had a slightly interesting experience today. I was stopped at a signal in the left hand turn lane on my way back from lunch. I notice a car a few cars in front of me looked like it stalled. I see people start to go around. Now, I am the car right behind her... and she keeps trying to start her car. The problem is that every time she does this, more and more smoke is coming out from under her car. I pull up next to her and honk/point toward where the smoke is coming out, and give her the hand across throat signal (like... stop trying to start it)! She yells a frustrated, "I know!" through her window and keeps trying to start it. She obviously didn't get what I was telling her although I have no doubt that she saw the smoke. I went around her, made the left turn, and parked nearby. I ran over to her as she was still attempting to start her car. I was like, "You really don't want to start your car when there is smoke coming out!" I got the "oh, I didn't think of that" look, so I told her to put it in neutral and got her pushed out of the turning lane and over to the side. She said she had a friend coming to help in a few minutes, so I headed off to class. As I was thinking about this... lack of common sense and all, it reminded me that I can be so caught up in the moment, my common sense to depend on God can be thrown out the window very quickly. I was thinking how unprepared she obviously was for this kind of situation. She really had no idea what to do. I realized that I could be the same way when it comes to depending on God if I am not continually filling my mind with His Word. We need to be prepared for whatever satan may throw at us. We must be deeply founded in God's Word. In the heat of the battle, it is essential that we just stop for a second and submit ourselves completely to His ways.

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