Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A hint of pride... speculations

Basketball was quite a bit of fun today. We won one game, and lost the other. Class went pretty well today. I actually got the assignment for next week done in class. :D I still have to finish up our most recent project though. It is quite interesting actually. We are creating new processes (both client and server processes). Work has been a lot of fun. I didn't get as much done today as I would have liked. I ran into some issues with this photo viewer that I created... it needs to get the right image and the right data from the database at the same time. I think that works just fine, but when that data is changed... or photos deleted (especially if it is the last existing photo), the photo can't be in use while it is being deleted. It just has a lot of messy things about it, but it should be pretty sweet once I get it working. :) I was reading again in Judges today. In Judges 7, Gideon has them yell, "For the Lord, and for Gideon." I probably wouldn't have thought of this if it were not for the discussion Pastor Tim and I had earlier today. Is that not a bit prideful? I called it speculations in the title because I do not know this for a fact. It is possible that since he was mentioned in that dream that he over heard, mentioning his name when they yelled might be just an added confirmation to that dream. Either way, knowing what happens in the future with Gideon, I would not be surprised if this wasn't at least partially out of pride. We need to be extremely careful when God gives us victories. The glory must go to Him. When we start to take the glory that He deserves, we place ourselves on the same level as Him... and it sets us up to be thrown down off that high place that we set ourselves. Let us give all the glory to the only One that deserves it.

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