Monday, March 24, 2008

I got to hold my nephew!

We just got back from Northern CA. My first Gabriel holding experience wasn't the best one. haha He spit up all over my shirt... three times. I really didn't mind too much actually. I really enjoyed getting to see him and hold him. This morning, we went to my uncle's church, and honestly, it was the worst Easter service I have been gone to. The music selection was awesome, but it was as if the building was void of the Holy Spirit. It was very saddening to me. The pastor only talked about scripture passages like two times. I would guess that fewer than 10 of us in the entire congregation actually opened our Bible. I don't even know how to describe it. I just felt like I was the only one feeling this way. I looked around, and everyone seemed to be enjoying the sermon, but there was nothing to it... it was the wisdom of men. We all talked about it on the way back, and we all agreed. I just am really saddened by the fact that these hundreds of people are coming to church and not being fed. They are learning dependence on a pastor's wisdom rather than dependence on God's wisdom. I pray that God would keep me in tune with His Word so that I am not lulled to sleep when it comes to discerning man's wisdom versus His wisdom. On a side note, I have been to this church a few times before and the sermon was fine... so it may have just been today, but I definitely have doubts.

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