Sunday, March 02, 2008

Grand Slam!

Church was very good this morning. Music went well except for the 2x speed on "In Christ Alone." haha I am continually growing in my understanding of scripture. It is a huge blessing. Pastor Tim challenges us to think... I love it! I had two baseball games today. I missed the first one because of church. The 2nd one, I started in left field. It went pretty well... I caught a fly ball or two, and threw a guy out going to 2nd base. There were too many errors, and the pitcher was getting hit a lot too, so they scored 11 runs in the first half of the game. Coach put me in to pitch for the last half of the game. God was very gracious. :) Only 1 run came in during that half of the game making it 2-12. They put in a new pitcher, and he was having some difficulty throwing strikes. He walked a couple people, and there were a couple base hits. It was 5-12 with the bases loaded by the time I got up to bat with 1 out. The first pitch was low for ball 1... the 2nd pitch was right down the middle inside... right wear I wanted it. So, what did I do? I let it go. Ugg! I hate when I let the perfect pitches go. Well, he gave me an even better pitch to hit the next pitch. I hit a hard line drive above the left fielder. At first, I thought it was going to go right to the left fielder, but as I was running toward first, I saw him going back, and then I saw him give up... so I started really watching the ball... and I couldn't believe it... it went over the fence and into some trees. I have never hit a home run before, no less a grand slam! God is so good to me! He deserves all of the glory for this! Last time I missed a game for church, several were wondering why I couldn't miss church for a baseball game. It was a great blessing to me that several of the guys asked me about how church was today--a good improvement over the last time. :) I am excited about what is doing on the baseball team. Still have a whole lot of work to do, but I have definitely seen progress... and I am very thankful for that. I think of people like Jim Elliot who didn't even get to see the fruits of his work for God, and it reminds me that when God allows me to see visible evidences of His work, I must embrace it whole-heartedly and continue what He has called me to do. I am also glad that my parents got to be there. They are such a wonderful blessing to me.

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