Monday, March 31, 2008

School has begun once again

To be honest, I am quite excited about this quarter. I am taking six computer classes if you count the internship and computer science/math seminar. One thing that is great about this quarter is that I only one 8 am class which is on Monday. I only have one class at 3 pm on Wed., and no classes on Friday (thanks to a teacher making class 2 hrs on Monday and canceling Friday's class for the whole quarter)! How cool is that? It looks like I may actually have time to get some money flowing toward the bank rather than away from it (some people call it work). ;) I spent a couple hours running around campus today trying to finish registration for school. I needed approval from the head of math & computer science for my internship and for a directed study. Then I had to get a couple signatures from my advisor and another teacher. When I went to add the classes, I was told that I had to go up to the dean's office to get a signature of approval to take 19.5 units. I guess they don't want people that are failing their classes to be taking more than 18 units. I met with the person that deals with applications for graduation. We went through the entire thing and all I am waiting on now is for sign language to be approved as credit for the modern language department's requirements. If you could pray to this end, that would be much appreciated! I have been reading in James and really enjoying it, but it definitely is convicting at times. The reality is that when we sin, we are not trusting that God knows best. This is a lack of faith. We can't just say that we have faith and not live accordingly. James has been an excellent reminder to me of this truth.

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