Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am definitely not ready for this physics exam, but I hope to be ready by the time I take it tomorrow evening. I spent the majority of choral union time today making out my "cheat sheet." After a while, the choir split into sections, so I listened to the orchestra for a while, and then played/sang random songs in the practice rooms. I miss the days of spending hours in the practice room playing/singing any song that comes to mind... and spending some time in the Word between songs in the quietness of the practice rooms. :) Good times! Anyway, after choral union, Ally and I went over to see the "Treble-Makers" (Lauren's flag football team made up of all music students). They won 6-0! I was quite surprised... they played very well (several interceptions and good running). By the time the game finished, Christina had finished her voice lesson, so we went over to the cafeteria and ate. I thought this thing was a enchilada, but it was like a bread-ish texture which Christina really didn't like. Oops! She lived though. :) I must continue to cram for my test.