Saturday, February 02, 2008

Busy Saturday

My parents were able to go to the marriage tune up conference thing that our church was putting on. I like to see them get out because they don't get to do it very often. Jonathan had Awana Games and Bible Quiz practice this morning. Christina and I did a lot of cleaning because my grandparents were coming over this afternoon. After we finished cleaning, we went to Cal Baptist and played ultimate frisbee. It was a lot of fun. On the way back, we had to pick up Jonathan, but we were a bit early, so we were forced to go to Baskin Robbins and have some ice cream. :) My grandparents got here at about 1:30, so we talked for a bit and then headed over to our favorite Mexican restaurant (La Fogata in Hemet). I ate way too much, but it was good! The salsa was unusually hot, so they brought out some chunky mild salsa for us as well. Well, I put a bunch of it in a buttered corn tortilla, and was eating it (to be honest, it was almost like tomatoes... it was very mild). Well, my grandma did the same, and she said her mouth was burning up and that it was more hot than the "hot" salsa. Apparently, she was the lucky one that got the hot part. I got a really hot part later on, but it was really funny because mom and I were really confused as to why she thought it was hot. Haha Passages like Jeremiah 38 are difficult for me to understand. Unless I am mistaken, the king told Jeremiah to lie so that he wouldn't be killed. God's Word is clear that lying is always sin, but there are examples such as this one and Rahab that seem "okay." I think that in both of these cases, God would have taken care of them if they told the truth or refused to answer. I struggle a bit in understanding things like this.

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