Sunday, February 24, 2008

No more excitment needed

There has been too much excitement around here in these last couple weeks: my nephew being born, Christina having her little accident, me getting a black eye, and a little 911 call for mom. I am very thankful for God's grace in all of these situations. I played ultimate frisbee yesterday morning and was right behind a guy on my team. Let's just say that he was a bit uncoordinated. The frisbee was thrown pretty hard right to him and he missed it, but barely tipped it. This caused it to go up just enough to miss my hands and hit me solidly in the face. haha The good news is that there aren't a great deal of nerves in my face, so it didn't hurt too much. I figured it would be a black eye no matter if I continued to play or not, so I continued to play and had a great time anyway. :) It really isn't that bad either. Mom had an allergic reaction to something last night. We think it may have been salsa from Jack in the Box, but we don't know for sure. What we do know is that she was having a great deal of difficulty breathing, and had a horrible head ache. We ended up calling 911. The firemen arrived first and were very kind. They advised that she go in the ambulance to the hospital when it arrived. It arrived a few minutes later and they were very persistent in telling her that she should go to the hospital with them, but they said it was her choice. She started feeling a little better and couldn't decide. I decided it was time to speak up. I said something like, "Based on what I've seen in previous incidences, I think she is okay to go to the hospital in the car." Apparently, mom liked this idea as well. This was a big blessing because ambulances are not cheap, and we don't have a ton of money to throw around on 5 minute rides. Long story short, mom was able to come back home last night without any treatments. She obviously felt pretty horrible the entire time. She threw up once as well, but God was gracious! On a funnier note, the fireman said, "You are the worst respiratory patient I've seen all day." Mom (in the midst of distress) says, "Yeah, I'm probably the only one today." He said something like, "it's been a busy day", but he didn't deny it! haha

Church was awesome today. A missionary from Kenya spoke today. Their testimony was awesome. They sold their house and left for Kenya with that money. God brought them back 5 months later because of health issues. They came back with nearly no money left, but it was amazing to hear how God provided for them. A lady basically gave them a house to live in for a year and paid their electric bill on top of that. They were given a car. A guy gave them free oil changes and even filled up their gas tank when he did it. They were given a truck and a 35 foot trailer to travel/live in until they leave for Kenya in August (Lord willing). It is just amazing to see how God provides for those that step out in faith and do what He has called them to do. I was really amazed by the openness of the people. It makes me want to go over there. I don't feel like overseas missions is a long-term calling for me, but I'd love to go on a short-term trip some time. I don't see it happening before I graduate in December, but if I'm not starting graduate school in January next year, maybe that would be a good time to do it. Pastor Tim always reminds me that once family happens, things like missions go to the back burner and never happen. This is not always the case, but it is true almost all the time. Because of this, it is likely that this would be my only real chance to do something like that. I know that God will use me no matter where I am if I am willing to serve Him. The thing that draws me toward going overseas is the fact that they are so ready to accept the gospel, but there is not enough time or people to tell them. It would also give me a good perspective on what God is doing in other places where life is not so modernized. It is something to at least consider and pray about.

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