Friday, February 01, 2008

Long practice

God was gracious in the fact that I didn't get all my homework done last night and couldn't figure out a problem that was due today. My teacher said that we could turn it in anytime today, so that was very very helpful. God is good! We were not supposed to have baseball practice today, but we wanted to practice one more time before our games on Sunday. We started at 1 pm, and I thought it would be the usual 2 hour practice. I was definitely wrong. We practiced for 4 hours! We did a lot of running today. I was pretty happy... in our 90 foot (the distance between bases) sprints, I was the fastest. :) I hit pretty well today too. Other than the length, and having that "almost throwing up" feeling for a while, it was a good practice. It reminds me of the disipline that we should have in our relationship with the Lord. We must work hard at it! I really need the kind of "washing of the Word" that Paul talks about in Ephesians 5:26. The filth of not only the language that they guys use, but also what they talk about needs to be replaced by meditation on the Word. It is really important that I am continually letting God's Word penetrate and cleanse my heart and my mind. If you would pray for that, it would be much appreciated. Also, please pray for my witness on Sunday. I am missing the first game because of church, and pretty much everyone knows that or will know it soon. This may open doors of opportunity to talk about it, because this shows them that I take it seriously.

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