Friday, February 15, 2008

Uncle Dan's team won a game!

It is true! I am an uncle now! Gabriel Alex was born at about 6:10 pm. If I'm not mistaken, he weighed 7.5 lbs and is 19 inches tall. Thank you for all your prayers. Deborah and baby Gabriel are doing very well. Mom, Christina, and Jonathan got the news at 3 am this morning that she was going into labor. They left the house at about 6 and their plane left at 8 am. Southwest has been very gracious in allowing us to change flights around as needed in order for them to get up there as soon as possible. Dad will fly up there tomorrow morning. Christina will fly back tomorrow afternoon (I think). It is also true that we got our first win of the season tonight (23-3 vs. Cal Tech). You would think that with such a high score that I hit well. Actually, it was by far my worst hitting day. The pitching wasn't even that great and I struck out twice in my 7 at bats. UGGG! I did manage to get one (maybe two) base hits. The clean hit brought in two runs, but overall, I hit very poorly. Life goes on. God has His way of keeping me humble. :) I am really worn out, so I'm going to hit the sack. I had a great time this morning playing basketball and going out to breakfast with Pastor Tim. He is a great encouragement to me.

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Nicole Hearn said...

Congrats, Uncle!