Thursday, February 07, 2008

Incredibly busy... but God is good!

I figured that I should post something lest someone think I have fallen off the face of this planet. I had lab today which I finished about half of because I had to run off to my baseball game. We played twice against San Diego Christian College again. I didn't play the first game at all and we lost 20-4 (ouch)! The second game was much better. Coach put me as the DH (designated hitter)! I was very happy about this because it is a lot more fun than not playing! My first at bat, I hit a lined drive right at the shortstops feet. It was one of those hits where it was a good hit, but just bad location. My second at bat, I hit a line drive into center field for a base hit. I got walked with four straight balls in my third at bat (maybe they were scared... okay, not really). My last at bat, I popped out to the right fielder. We ended up losing 8-5, so it was a decent game. We have another game tomorrow against Bethany University (they are from Santa Cruz I believe). I am guessing that they are on a baseball tour or something because that is a long drive for one game. I need to get this computer architecture homework finished. If you would keep me in your prayers as I try to be a good witness to the other guys on my team, that would be great. Also, with all these games and missing classes, it is hard to keep up, so prayer in that regard would be awesome as well.

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