Thursday, January 31, 2008

First game of college baseball

I think my physics exam went okay this morning. I struggled with some of the problems, but I think I figured them out. It would have been nice to know the content better so that I wouldn't have had to even think twice about it, but oh well. We left school at 11 am for San Diego Christian College. We actually were given directions to the school rather than to the field, but my dad saved the day (since he teaches there, he knew where the field was). Anyway, our warm-ups were very much on the rushed end, but we got started at 2:30. I didn't really get to play. He put me in for our last half inning so that I would get to bat once. That was a lot of fun. I didn't do anything incredible, but I did put the ball in play and advance the runner at least (that was a nice way of saying that I grounded out to the third baseman). They got 4 runs early in the game, and then we came back with 3, so it was pretty close. Then they got 5 more runs over the next few innings making it 9-3. In their last at bat, they scored 15. Yes, I did say 15. It was not pretty. So the final score was 24-3. The game was actually a lot closer than the score sounds. I am hoping to play more than just one at bat per game, but I must leave that in God's hands, and do my best regardless of if I get to play or not. I talked with the coach about the possibility of me pitching some. He seemed very much in favor of the idea. I had kind of kept the fact that I pitched throughout high school a secret because I didn't think that I could throw hard enough to actually pitch. I have changed my opinion on that. I was expecting guys to be throwing in the 90's, and I'm sure some will, but high 70's and 80's is decent if I can throw strikes. We have practice tomorrow, so I am hoping that I'll get to throw some. Anyway, it wasn't the most ideal first college baseball game experience, but it was fun. I am looking forward to more games! I got to know another guy quite a bit better today. I was able to get to the point of asking him about his religious background, and I found out that he is Catholic (obviously not a practicing one though). Anyway, thanks for your prayers in that area. One thing I realized today is that I will definitely have times during this season that I will have to stand up against things that everyone else is in favor of. This will take a lot of courage, but it must be done. I was reminded in Jeremiah 37 that doing what is right is what needs to happen, no matter what the cost may be.