Monday, December 17, 2007

Almost done!

I think my calculus final went very well. I know I messed up on one problem, but I think I did fine. I was planning on getting two wisdom teeth out on Thursday, but it looks like I'll be getting all four of them out and have my jaw extended in June or something. I am thinking that it won't be pleasant, but I'd much rather have it all at once than three different times. Another praise is that it goes on our medical insurance rather than dental, so we have better coverage! I finished my study sheet for physics, so I am going to head to bed in a minute. I am definitely not ready for this exam, but I will do what I can and leave the rest to Him! I got the much dreaded note in the mail today--jury duty. I am scheduled for January 7th, which is the first day of classes. If you could pray that I would be able to reschedule this for sometime during the break, that would be awesome. Having jury duty during the school year would be very difficult since I am taking so many classes... and baseball. The first half of Jeremiah 12:3 caught my attention today.
But You know me, O LORD; You see me; And You examine my heart's attitude toward You.

This is always a good reminder for me. Sometimes I feel like I am working in vain, but He sees it all! I am reminded of the passage in Hebrews that talks about how He is the High Priest that can identify with our weaknesses. It is such a blessing to have a God that understands everything, and has a perfect plan for us if we will just be obedient to Him!

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Elisabeth said...

Have a good physics test today!

Good thing you don't have to have that head transplant on Thursday anymore.

They finally gave me my transcript - despite my worries, graphic design was just fine for my gpa.