Friday, December 07, 2007

Amazing night of worship

Calculus class went well this morning. It looks like we are going to finish a day early (which means 2 days of review)! I had lunch with pastor Tim today. He continues to be an amazing blessing to me. His spiritual leadership is something that I want to follow. I spent much of the day preparing music for this evening. We were planning on doing a prayer walk and worship thing, but we ended up staying out of the cold to do the prayer and worship. Just a quick side note... I realize that worship is not just about singing, but that is generally how we use the word. Worship should involve every aspect of our lives (Romans 12:1-2). I enjoy worshiping the Lord in song. The heart is what matters, but it is an added blessing to sing with a bunch of people that sing well. It has been neat to see what God has done over the course of the semester. God has answered many prayers. God blessed me with a larger scholarship than I was supposed to get. It was a simple mistake that the school made, but the man in charge of financial aid decided to honor the mistake anyway and add that money to a different scholarship that I had. God is amazing! Tonight was a bit of a sobering night when it came to prayer time. There are a whole lot of needs, but I know that God is always faithful (even when I doubt it). It is such a privilege to take these things and lay them down before God. He is truly indescribable!

I didn't read Jeremiah 5 today like I was planning on doing. I ended up reading through Romans 12 again. I didn't really feel up to tackling the hard stuff in Jeremiah. I probably should have done it anyway, but I didn't. I was reminded in Romans 12 that we are all given gifts for the benefit of the body of Christ. I think it is important that we also look for opportunities for others to serve their their gifts. We need to encourage others to use their gifts even if we could do a better job. Same concept as letting a child help mow the lawn or something. Of course it is easier to mow the lawn when they are out of the way, but then you are not helping them grow into maturity. In the same way, we need to allow others to serve the Lord without our hindrance.

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