Saturday, December 29, 2007

The mustang lives again

The good news is that the car did get fixed. The bad news is that it wasn't what we expected. The intake manifold had a crack in it. For those of you that are like myself and don't know exactly what an intake manifold is, it is the network of passages that direct air or air-fuel mixture from the throttle body to the intake ports in the cylinder head. The flow typically proceeds from the throttle body into a chamber called the plenum, which in turn feeds individual tubes, called runners, leading to each intake port. Engine breathing is enhanced if the intake manifold is configured to optimize the pressure pulses in the intake system. Basically, it is the main thing that everything connects to. Here is a picture of what one looks like. It ended up coming out to $960--ouch! There are some good things though! I called up the dealership to see what they would charge, they said $1400. This makes me very happy with $960! My grandpa called and offered to pay $500 of it. That is a huge blessing! I was able to go to the batting cages today with Jeff from church (and his dad). It was a lot of fun! Afterwards, Mr. Babb suggested that we go to a field and do some fielding practice. That was very good for me as I have not really fielded like that in a couple years. We might do it again sometime this next week. I didn't get much out of Jeremiah 19 today. God is basically telling Jeremiah to warn Judah (the Southern kingdom) that they are going to be totally demolished. Let us be obedient to what He has called us to do so that we do not receive similar messages.

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