Tuesday, December 18, 2007

God still works miracles!

I spent most of the morning studying. I needed to catch up on some sleep, and I figured that one hour of sleep would be more beneficial than an hour of studying. I finished creating my study sheet and then started working on understanding what each of the variables in the formulas stand for, and how to apply them. Honestly, I fully expected to fail this final. I really wanted to get an 'A' in the class though. I know that many people were praying for me. I told many people that it would seriously take a miracle for me to get 85% or better on this final. As I kind of expected, when I tried to do the first problem, I got stuck. After several minutes of struggling to figure out where to start, I moved on to the second problem. Again, I wasn't getting anywhere. I started flipping until I found one that I knew how to do. I found one and started working on it. Surprising, I understood what I was doing! I went on to another problem that I knew how to do, and that one also went smoothly. I heard some guy across the room muttering about how he hated partial derivatives... I was thinking YES! I know how to do partial derivatives! So I found the problem with partial derivatives and solved that one. Then I picked the easiest of the remaining three problems and got about half way into it when God intervened. The power went out! We were told that the school was closing down, and we had to leave. Our teacher was considering having a make-up final which would mean we would have to do a completely different exam. We all wanted to be done, so he decided that he would just grade based on our best three problems. I finished off the fourth problem and turned it in. God is amazing!!! All the glory goes to Him (Jeremiah 13:16). Thank you all for your prayers--they work in spite of my lack of faith!


Anonymous said...

That is the best story about school/finals/physics I have heard in a long time. Thanks for sharing! KHR

Anonymous said...

amazing! thanks for sharing! hearing how God works never gets old. :)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, the above comment is from God'sPhoenix...sorry!