Monday, December 10, 2007

The Messiah

Church went well today. We studied spiritual gifts in a way that I have never studied them before. We are looking more at the foundational things rather than what each gift is and how to define each gift. The reality is that we don't need to know the name or definition of our gift in order to use it. This evening Christian sang Handel's Messiah with Cal baptist. It was truly amazing. It gave me a glimpse of what heaven will be like when we are all singing praises to Him! He is all powerful and will reign forever!

I wanted to post a quick note about these shootings that have been going on. For those that don't know, there were two shootings today in Colorado in addition to the one in the Omaha mall a few days ago. These are really sad situations. We must not take our safety for granted. Your life could end at any moment. Are you ready? I think if people were ready, the responses would be a bit different. Obviously I don't know the entire situation, but I don't see any reason that a guy should be able to go into a mall and shoot over 20 shots without someone taking him out. I think the problem was a lack of men to step it up and take the risk of losing their lives. Personally, I'd rather it be me than someone that isn't saved. This life is but a vapor in comparison to eternity. Giving up this short life for someone else's eternity is an easy decision. As Christians, we have no need to fear death. To live is Christ and to die is gain! I pray that God would give us courage to do anything at any cost for His glory. May these shootings be something that strengthen our faith and commitment to Christ.

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