Saturday, November 03, 2007


We have been talking a lot about foundational issues in Bible study. I was very convicted tonight about my ignorance of some very direct commands in scripture. Just because they aren't easy things to do, and I will never completely master them doesn't mean that I can ignore them entirely. For example, careless words that come out of my mouth. The other night, we were studying how we know that we have lost our first love. Some of these issues really cut to my heart. I found myself saying, "well, no one is fully obedient to all these things." Justification in my mind is not the solution. I must stop ignoring these small but totally clear things in scripture, and live for Him in the small areas of my life as well as the big. I need God's big hands to soften my hardened heart to the things that I have overlooked or just plain out ignored. I am so thankful that He doesn't give up on me when I fail Him. Great is His faithfulness!

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