Sunday, November 18, 2007

Memorial service and thankfulness

Thank you all for your continual prayer support. The memorial service went well. I managed to get through both songs just fine... God is good. Mom wanted me to sing the song that I wrote, and "Knowing You." Pastor Tim did an excellent job of not watering down the message of the gospel, but presented it with a gracious spirit. God was definitely working through him. There were a lot of people from church that came, and many that were unable to come were supporting us in prayer. I am so thankful for our church family! Generally, I'm not a big fan of showing up at people's memorial services if I don't even know who they are. It really means a lot when so many people go out of their way to do just that. What an amazing example of bearing one another's burdens. The whole day is kind of a blur right now. We had a wonderful time sharing what we are thankful for in church this morning. I have so many things to be thankful for. I have a wonderful family, a dad that diligently seeks God, and mom that is a woman of prayer, a sister that loves the Lord, a brother that is growing into a godly young man. We have such an amazing church family as mentioned above. God has blessed me with the opportunity to play guitar at church. Pastor Tim is an amazing: teacher of the Word. More than that, he is a great example of a godly leader. He is a great mentor and friend. I would not be who I am today if it were not for what he has allowed God to do through him. I have been blessed by the Bible study on Friday nights. There is nothing like fellowship with like-minded believers who truly care about you. I am so thankful for Mr. & Mrs. Babb for leading that Bible study. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to lead worship at the Bible study. Leading worship one of my passions. I am thankful for God putting me where I am... at a school that is in great need of people to take a stand for truth. I don't want to be in a place where I can't make a difference. I am thankful for my summer job. It has given me great experience in programming, and has helped me pay for school. I can't praise God enough for the financial help. By God's grace, I have not had to take out any loans for school! That is an amazing blessing! I am thankful for a God that pursues me when I start to wander. I am thankful for a God that continually changes my heart through His Word. I could go all night, but I am exhausted from the events of today. I actually got home at 1:30 am this morning... I had to get the bulletins printed off for the memorial service. It has been a long, but good day. I must study more for calculus. I am not ready for my exam tomorrow (yet). God always provides strength when we need it, and I am definitely in need of it tonight.

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