Sunday, November 04, 2007

Grand Prix

This is going to be extremely short since it is so late at night. We had Awana Grand Prix today. All five of us designed cars. God was really gracious, we ended up taking 3 trophies home. Mom received 3rd place design, Christina won 2nd place speed, and I took 3rd in speed. Always losing to my sister (hehe). Actually, my car was a bit on the random side when it comes to performance. I designed it so that my weight would slide down a wire as the car went down the trace. The only problem is that my block of wood was a little bit off, so I only had 3 wheels touching the track. When the weight shifted, it would change which wheels were touching, which caused it to wobble a whole lot. It varied from race to race though. Anyway, I need to hit the sack. More to share tomorrow.