Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to Bible study!

School went well this morning. I worked on homework until like 2:30. I am designing a VGA display controller (basically an extremely limited video card). Deborah's baby shower is tomorrow, so we have been preparing for that. Bible study started up again tonight. It was really good for me. It was about how easily we can let false teaching slip into our minds. It is a bit scary! We must come humbly to God, knowing that we do not have wisdom on our own, and that we do not know truth except for by Him alone. We need to have our minds so saturated in God's Word that we instantly recognize false teachings. It is so easy to get tired of fighting for truth, but it is essential that we depend on God for strength to continue fighting that battle even when we don't feel like it. He gives strength to the weary! As I spend a lot of time with the guys on the baseball team, I need to be dependent on God for strength to stand up for truth. I cannot become complacent! I am looking forward to the opportunities I will have to talk about God with the guys, but if it comes down to my faith or baseball, baseball is gone. Keep me accountable to this! If you see me slipping in any way, I want to know!

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