Monday, January 21, 2008

A day off!

It was nice to have a day off! I spent most of the day studying for my exams this week. I feel nearly ready for my music exam tomorrow. It shouldn't be too difficult. I am hoping to finish it quickly and be able to go to the majority of baseball practice tomorrow. The sermon yesterday was awesome! It was focused on envy and jealousy. I never really saw jealousy as the road to murder (jealousy to hatred to murder). If someone were to ask us if we were going to murder someone, we would probably respond with something like "I would never do something like that." The reality is that when we are envious, we are headed down that path! It is amazing how sin will take us farther than we want to go. This applies to all areas of sin. Think about lust... it can lead to adultery. No one says "I think I will go commit adultery today." We must get rid of every hint of sin in our lives! We must come up with Biblically based plans for resolving these issues. They don't just go away. We must attack the root issues. For example, if we love people like we should (wanting the best for them)... we would have no reason to be jealous! If we were thankful like we should be, we would be content with what God has given us. Jealousy is telling God that we know what is best for us. If something was best for me right now, I would already have it. God does not withhold His best from us! Do we really want to tell God that we know what is really best for us? I don't think so! Another aspect of jealous is humility. When it comes to being popular or whatever, we should rejoice with the successes of others while being humble enough to learn from their example. Let's be content with God's best!

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