Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No lab?!?

Not having lab would usually be a nice thing, but it was slightly frustrating today. This wasn't something that just happened. They knew that there would be no lab, but failed to communicate that to us. I could have stayed home until noon! Oh well. I did get a lot of homework done during that time, so that was good. Baseball practice was a lot of fun again. We scrimmaged against ourselves. I got on base on fielders choice and hit a pop up. Not the best batting ever, but at least I put it in play. I did manage to steal a couple bases. I also made one play to get a guy out at first. We have tomorrow off which will be nice. Arm is a little sore after throwing a lot... takes a little while to get back into it. If you would start praying for good opportunities to talk about spiritual things amongst some of the guys, that would be great! There was a little more inappropriate language today. I could use wisdom in how to deal with that. I was reminded in Jeremiah 26 that God is faithful in taking care of those that are obedient to Him. He promises to give us the words that we need when facing persecution for His sake.

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